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Summer and Water Safety: Tips for Parents of Young Children

Summer is synonymous with fun for young children. After all, the little ones get to do what they love best—play outdoors. Trips to the beach, playing with friends under the open sky, and frolicking in the swimming pool with friends and family for company are some typical summer activities. But in all that fun and excitement, it’s important to remember that water can pose a threat for kids at times, especially younger ones who do not quite understand the dangers. disAbility Maternity Care shares a few pointers for parents of young children as we head into summer:  

Keep them Safe from the Sun

With warm weather, kids get the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. And when you combine water and summer heat, you naturally have kids exposed to ample sunshine. But like anything else, excessive sun can cause a number of health issues, which is why you need to ensure adequate protection for your kids. Here’s how:

  • The best defense against the harmful rays of the sun is to cover up properly. Infants and children should be dressed in lightweight, loose clothing that facilitates sweat evaporation. Prevention notes using wide-brimmed hats is an excellent way of protecting yourself and the children from UV rays and sunburn.
  • When it comes to outdoor playtime, consider the weather. Whenever possible, limit their sun exposure between 10am-4pm, when the heat is at its peak.
  • Both adults and children should use sunscreen when outdoors, so pick a doctor-recommended one with at least 15 SPF. Also, look for products that offer protection from UVA and UVB, such as Sunscreen Sport Broad Spectrum SPF 35, and apply it on your kids every time they go outside.
  • Encourage kids to drink water before going outside. If their physical activity is intense, ask them to take a break to drink water or a sports drink and rest for a while every 20 minutes.

Pay Attention to Water Safety

Young children love water, but their safety must be a top priority. In fact, for children aged less than five years, Stop Drowning Now explains that drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death. Just a little care can go a long way in preventing tragedies and making swimming and water activities fun yet safe. Keep these in mind:

  • If you are at the beach, pond, lake or another body of water, take a walk around it to see where the emergency equipment is. Also keep a lookout for hazards such as rocks or slippery areas that you should ask the kids to stay away from.
  • If you have a pool, put up a fence so that your kids cannot climb in when they are unattended. Before installing a fence, it’s a wise idea to get a property survey done so you won’t find yourself with unhappy neighbors or work that needs to be redone.
  • Whenever the kids are in the water, an adult should be close by. If your kids don’t know how to swim, give them some lessons or ensure they get lessons from a qualified instructor.

Take Care when Outdoors

Playing in the backyard or going camping are other summer activities that kids love. To keep them safe at such times, remember the following tips:

  • Keep your family protected from insect and mosquito bites by using an effective insect repellent whenever outdoors. Also ensure that your backyard is tick-free, particularly if you have pets.
  • If you are at a friend’s house for a lunch party, nominate an adult to keep an eye on the young kids at all times. If you are the host, keep all potentially harmful products out of reach.
  • Learn how to identify poisonous plants like poison ivy so you can keep a watchful eye out when outdoors.

Summer is a time that all families look forward to, and time in the water can be especially refreshing. However, safety must be a top concern. While it does not mean that you keep the children away from all the summer-related fun and activities, following the tips mentioned above and being mindful of the often-ignored dangers can ensure a safe, happy summertime for the entire family.

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